Looking back to Cap Bear and the first of the Costa Brava hills

Our first port in Spain is Llansa ( pronounced Yansa ) which has a very nice Club Nautico. Unlike in the UK most marinas in Spain are run by clubs and they are usually very well organised and staffed; with Marineros usually available to help with berthing etc. We thought Lansa was expensive when we got there as it was quite a jump from France, but we later found out that it was pretty normal for Spain - but the Showers and facilities were very good and the clubs make excellent use of the income to train kids in sailing etc.

Our Boat Elves - Heidi and Monty were going home for a wedding or two ( not their own - otherwise we would have gone too! ) so we spent some time in Llansa - luckily it was fiesta time celebrating the Sea and among other things we had a fair and a fantastic firework display.


The fireworks were set off from the Castle hill just above the boat - you can see the mast and rigging in the photos - very spectacular - and we realised why the marineros had been out hosing down boats and cars earlier!

Sailing by Cap Bear - scene of many gales!


Fortunately these Fire Palms did not set any of the real palm trees alight.


St Elmo’s Fire

Kids on the Bull run at the fair - video

Salvador Dali - Theatre Museum - Figueres

Llansa is not far from Figueres where Salvador Dali was born and his last great work - his museum is housed. We took the train to Figueres.

The museum is right in the centre of town and is unmistakable.

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