Vieux Basin bridge and Carousel Honfleur - heading for demasting


Honfleur is a very nice little Medieval Port Town and visitors can berth in the Vieux Basin in the heart of the old town surrounded by tempting quayside restaurants, art galleries and a musical Carousel. Having arrived a bit early in the season the showers were not ready yet but they were opened a few days before we left. They are described in various pilots as being in the vertical blue and white stripped building beside the bridge; but there are about ten such buildings - being in standard livery for the port buildings - the showers are at the end of the car park just past the Fish market and before the bus station.

The hills around the town give good views over the Seine and the Normandie Bridge and we climbed the one to the West with the Fisherman’s Chapelle Notre Dame de Grace which is full of sailing fishing boat models and paintings. We had just arrived at the church when we were stunned by a load peal of bells; going round the corner we found a ground mounted rack of bells. Try double clicking the movie-


Honfleur, Seine and Pont Normandie from Hill

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